102 – Girl Scouts

I was a Girl Scout from kindergarten until 5th grade.  I went from being a Daisy to a Junior Girl Scout.  Man, those were the days!  I was lucky enough to have an awesome troop – Troop 102.  We had the best leader (my mom) and always had a ton of fun.  Some of my favorite memories include being in the Eugene Celebration Parade, hiking at Mt. Pisgah (with our hand-painted walking sticks), singing Christmas songs at the mall, snack time, craft time, play time.  I think I just loved that once a week, I would have all my friends over to my house and we’d get to do fun stuff.  I also liked the uniforms and the cookies, I’m not going to lie.

Oh my gosh, so 80s.

I hope all my children get the chance to be Scouts.



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3 responses to “102 – Girl Scouts

  1. Susan

    So many great memories! I was chatting with some girlfriends the other day and for some reason, we started talking about sleep overs in random places. Do you remember a huge girl scout sleep over at the Gateway Mall? Now that I think about it, sleeping over at a mall is kind of disgusting.

  2. Anonymous

    Those were fun times for me, too. I liked planning the activities for the meetings and I liked how the girls took turns leading the first part of the meeting and collected the ‘dues’. There were always lots of smiles at our house on meeting days.

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