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Number 100! – Fields of Gold

This was the first song that Jesse and I danced to at our wedding.  I love this beautiful song so much.  For an engagement gift, mom and Steve gave us dance lessons.  Every week we would go to the studio and have private classes with Michaela and mom and Steve.  Michaela used to teach with my mom and she runs her own studio.  It was so much fun!

This song was on a CD Jesse made for me as part of his proposal.  My favorite lines are:

I never made promises lightly
And there have been some that I’ve broken
But I swear in the days still left
We’ll walk in the fields of gold

I love these lines because Jesse and I made some pretty important promises that day.  I know that we won’t always keep every single promise to each other, but I know we will always have fields of gold when we’re together.



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Number 91 – UofO Art Museum

I have many beautiful memories of going to the art museum on the Oregon campus.  I really appreciate that my parents introduced us to art and museums at a very young age.  In my memory (which is probably a little bit exaggerated) we went to the museum alll the tiiime.  And I loved it.  It felt like an amazing sort of playground.

My favorite things about the museum were the courtyard, the doll collection and the Asian thrones and other furniture.

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Number 90 – Skiing

Skiing at Sun Valley in 5th grade - I know you're jealous of my neon pink pants

I learned how to ski when I was about 5 years old.  My mom was a ski instructor at Willamette Pass, so she was up skiing most weekends, so my parents decided it was about time for me and Dan to learn.  Also, since I was until 10 and mom worked there, it only cost 50 cents for an all day lift ticket.  Pretty sweet deal.  I’ve always loved skiing.  I have been known to say, “This is the life” while on the slopes.  And that’s because it is.  The life.  For reals.

You are jealous of my head band now. Again, Sun Valley but this time during middle school.

There’s really nothing that compares to a clear, sunny day with perfectly groomed (like they are capable of doing at Sun Valley) fresh powder.  Nothing beats it.  Nothing. I love how quiet it is on the mountain.  The air is so clear and bright.  I absolutely love the squeaks and swooshes the snow makes under my skis.

Mom and me at Willamette Pass


During college I followed in my mom’s tracks and taught skiing at Willamette Pass.  I think I skied somewhere between 30 and 40 days that season.  I was so good that year, let me tell you.

I can’t wait to hit the slopes this season!  Soon, very soon!

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Number 76 – Marc Chagall

I don’t really know why I love Chagall’s paintings.  There’s a feeling to them that is sort of indescribable.  I love the calm cool colors contrasting with the vibrant warm colors.  I am so interested in Chagall’s personal history and how is life is reflected in his art.  I love magical realism in literature and in art.  I love the confusion and inspiration of seeing his paintings.

I saw a huge Chagall exhibit at SFMOMA a few years back.  I was amazed at the skill and the stories in Chagall’s paintings.  It blew me away to be quite honest.

When I was last in Paris, I missed his famous Opera ceilings (I will rectify this gross error next summer), but I did get to see his incredible stained glass at the UN building in New York.  It’s amazing how he made glass look like paint.


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Number 74 – Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson

This is a song that I recently discovered (thanks to Pandora).  The line that really struck me is: “I want to change the world, instead I sleep.”  When I was younger I had a sense that I was meant for great things.  I remember having moments going to the mailbox or something similarly mundane and being struck by a feeling of hugeness.  That is part of why I’ve always wanted to join Peace Corps.  I knew I had to see the world (if not change it).

As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that changing the world is not something that’s simply done.  Experience (and PCT) has taught me this.  But I have also realized that we can change our life, someone’s life and maybe even a small corner of the world.  All we can do is keep breathing… and trying… and being inspired.  Constantly. And not spend our time sleeping.  If I want to change the world, then I need to get up and do something about it.


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Number 73 – Wicked

I love Wicked.  It’s one of my favorite Broadway shows.  I’ve seen it a few times – in New York and on tour.  When I first heard it I became a little bit obsessed.  I was in a fan group on LiveJournal (what?) and read everything I could about it. 

Once, when we were in New York, Jesse (my super supportive and wonderful husband) and I went to the stage door and I got a photo with some of the actors… including Fiyero – aka New Kid On The Block Joey McIntyre.  I’m that cool.

I got to see Idina Menzel in the role of Elphaba twice.  She’s amazing.  I even had tickets to what was supposed to be her final performance – she ended up extending her run a week, then getting hurt and not performing her last night.

I’m not really sure why I was so affected by Wicked.  I think it may be when it came into my life.  It’s all about Elphaba and Glinda’s friendship and love and choices and growing up.  When I first heard and saw Wicked, I was graduating from OSU, moving on, moving away from the Camannie Girls, growing up.

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Number 70 – The Mahabharata

I first read the Mahabharata when I was a sophomore in high school.  We read it in our Values and Beliefs class with Ms. Youngblood.  I loved this class.  We got to learn about all different religions and philosophical ideas.  It was awesome.  The Mahabharata was my favorite.  It is such an incredible epic – it was confusing and inspiring and frustrating and amazing.  It tells of the Kauravas and the Pandavas.  At this point in my life I couldn’t really tell you much about it (except some odd birthing and battle scenes and a vague sense of what happens when our lives end).  Nevertheless, it remains etched in my memory as a beautiful and inspirational history.

My favorite part is definitely the Lessons of the Lake.  Yudhisthira is at the lake and he has to answer questions from the lake.

Voice: What is quicker than the wind?
Yudhisthira:  Thought.
Voice:  What can cover the earth?
Yudhisthira:  Darkness.
Voice: Who are more numerous the living or the dead?
Yudhisthira:  The living, because the dead are no longer.
Voice:  Give me an example of space.
Yudhisthira:  My two hands as one.
Voice:  An example of grief.
Yudhisthira:  Ignorance.
Voice:  Of poison?
Yudhisthira:  Desire.
Voice:  An example of defeat?
Yudhisthira:  Victory.
Voice:  Which came first day or night?
Yudhisthira:  Day, but it was only a day ahead.
Voice:  What is the cause of the world?
Yudhisthira:  Love.
Voice:  What is your opposite?
Yudhisthira:  Myself.
Voice:  What is madness?
Yudhisthira:  The forgotten way.
Voice:  And revolt, why do men revolt?
Yudhisthira:  To find beauty either in life or in death.
Voice:  And what for each of us is inevitable?
Yudhisthira: Happiness.
Voice:  And what is the greatest wonder?
Yudhisthira:  Each day death strikes and we live as though we were immortal.  This is the greatest wonder.

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