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Day 34 – Jumping In Puddles

I don’t have any photos of this… bummer.  I love jumping in puddles.  I’m sure I did it as a child, but my fondest memory of jumping in puddles is from college at OSU.  It was an autumn day.  Jesse and I had been dating for just a couple months.  Our friend Rayne was visiting us.  The three of us ran all around campus barefoot, running, jumping and splashing in the puddles.  What bliss!

Last night Jesse and I went on our nightly neighborhood walk in a torrential downpour.  We were soaked before we had reached our mailbox.  On our way home, we passed a flooded sewer drain that was just too perfect to pass up.  Jesse beat me to it, but we were both jumping in the deep, cold puddles with youthful abandon.

Jumping in puddles is one of those activities that can keep you young.  It feels so irresponsible it’s delicious.  I hope I never outgrow the urge to dance and play in the rain!


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Day 33 – Colleen Pakkianathan

Colleen and Stephen

Colleen is my step-cousin – my step-dad’s sister’s daughter.  I am writing about Colleen today because she became a mama today!  She welcomed her first baby – a little girl named Emma Claire – this morning! I am so happy for Colleen and her little family.

Colleen and Emma at 36 4/7 weeks... yesterday!

I have always really liked Colleen.  One of my first memories of her was playing on the swings at an elementary school here in Eugene.  Sounds like we’ve known each other for a long time, right?  Well, we were 18 at the time… never too old to swing!  Colleen is a very sweet person – one of those who is always smiling.

The Debbies and Colleen (aka Colleen's mom, my mom, Colleen)

Colleen and her husband are both doctors – she is an anesthesiologist, he an OB/GYN (which I’m sure came in handy during the pregnancy!).  They live in California, but I hope they move up to Portland (with the rest of her siblings!) soon.


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Day 32 – The Little Colonel

Lloyd Sherman is the title character in The Little Colonel series by Annie Fellows Johnston.  These are really, really old books.  When I was little my mom started reading them to me.  She had read them as a little girl, and so had her mother.  The Little Colonel is a little girl who lives in ‘Lloydsboro,’ Kentucky.  She has many adventures, but is an intelligent, well-mannered young lady with good southern values.

When I was little, we didn’t have the complete set of books.  Whenever we went into a used bookstore, we would look for the books we were missing.  I often got one as a gift for Christmas or my birthday.  It was always so exciting to get one of the missing Little Colonel books.

I’ve never actually read the entire series, but I am in the process of attempting again.  Right now I am re-reading The Little Colonel at Boarding School and Lloyd and her friends continue to get into well-behaved-mischief!  I can’t wait to get to The Little Colonel’s Knight Comes Riding to see who Lloyd married (although Granny kind of gave that away 15 years ago when I got that one for Christmas…).

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Day 31 – Ben Folds

I love Ben Folds.  I loved Ben Folds Five, but that didn’t work out, so now I just love Ben Folds.  My college roommate, Kate really got me hooked on Ben Folds with the Whatever and Ever Amen album.  We listened to that a lot.  I also listened to Songs for Silverman a lot while I was in Azerbaijan.  Ben is a really talented musician and a very witty lyricist.  I got to see him live while I was in college and he put on a really good show, playing lots of instruments and singing many of my favorite songs.

So, there’s this guy on YouTube who’s doing chatroulette with a paino… I was convinced he was Ben Folds…

Then Ben Folds did this:

Now I’m not so sure, but I think both are awesome and hilarous!!


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Day 30 – Vincent Van Gogh

(I can’t believe I missed TWO days!! I’m a bad blogger! Apologies…)

Van Gogh has always been one of my favorite painters, perhaps because he was one of my dad’s favorite painters.  I think I saw this painting at the MET in New York (or at least a similar one) and really loved it.  I love how Van Gogh’s paintings show motion.  Just look at the sky and branches in this painting.  You can see the wind.  I love it.  It’s the sort of fantastic reality in which I would like to live.

I saw this painting at the Getty Museum in LA long ago, when the Getty Museum was in the old Getty mansion, not up on top of the city as it is now.  I love the vibrancy of the colors in this painting… the blues, oranges and even the whites seem to live on the canvas.

I really love how Van Gogh was able to capture life in his paintings.  I love the mood and feeling of this painting.  It’s such a sweet moment.

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Day 29 – Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

This is my favorite book.  Absolutely my favorite.  And I have read a lot of books being an English major and all.  And this is my favorite.  Jonathan Safran Foer wrote this book when he was 28 (which makes me feel quite lazy and unaccomplished) and it is truly a work of art.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is an amazing story of Oskar Schell, a young boy in Manhattan.  Oskar is a nine-year-old tambourine playing, letter writing, searching Francophile pacifist.  Foer created his story using three separate but overlapping narrations, one a first person narration of Oskar’s life, the other two narrations of other people (whom I won’t reveal…).  I am not a literary critic to I can’t really give you any amazing insights into how this book is an amazing work of literature.  I can only tell you that it changed my life, my idea of grief, my expectations of what literature could and should be.


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Day 28 – In My Life

In My Life is one of my all time favorite songs.  I think the first time I heard it was at IHS graduation – a South Eugene grad sang it acapella.  It seemed very fitting for a graduation ceremony.  There have actually been quite a few times in my life when this song fit the moment perfectly – high school graduation, leaving for college, the diaspora of the Camannie Girls, leaving for Peace Corps, leaving Peace Corps.

It’s just a lovely little song that seems so very honest to me.  It’s about love, friendship and memory.


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