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Number 73 – Wicked

I love Wicked.  It’s one of my favorite Broadway shows.  I’ve seen it a few times – in New York and on tour.  When I first heard it I became a little bit obsessed.  I was in a fan group on LiveJournal (what?) and read everything I could about it. 

Once, when we were in New York, Jesse (my super supportive and wonderful husband) and I went to the stage door and I got a photo with some of the actors… including Fiyero – aka New Kid On The Block Joey McIntyre.  I’m that cool.

I got to see Idina Menzel in the role of Elphaba twice.  She’s amazing.  I even had tickets to what was supposed to be her final performance – she ended up extending her run a week, then getting hurt and not performing her last night.

I’m not really sure why I was so affected by Wicked.  I think it may be when it came into my life.  It’s all about Elphaba and Glinda’s friendship and love and choices and growing up.  When I first heard and saw Wicked, I was graduating from OSU, moving on, moving away from the Camannie Girls, growing up.


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