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Number 101 – France

I started learning French in 9th grade.  My teacher became my step-mom (but that’s a story for another post).  Ever since then, I really wanted to visit France.  I got my first chance during the summer of 2001.  I went to Europe with Deena (aforementioned step-mom), my friends Katrina, Kenton, Tai and a group of high school exchange students.  Katrina and I went as chaperones for the students’ week in Paris and we brought Kenton and Tai along for the ride.  We spent a few days in Paris, then went to Switzerland and Italy then back to the south of France.  It was a fun, educational and beautiful trip.  We were kids on our own on a huge, confusing continent with not much money.

Luckily, I got to return to France this past summer with Jesse.  We had more money, and we were a lot more grown up, so we pretty much had a dream vacation.  We spent3 weeks travelling all over France.  We started in Paris, went down to the Riviera, up to Provence, over to the Alps and ended up in Burgundy.

We spent a lot of time eating during our trip.  We ate some of the best meals of our lives.  Jesse drank a lot of wine (I had to abstain since I was 4 months pregnant).  It was really amazing.

One thing I love about France is how they have so many different things to enjoy.  In three weeks, we were in one of the greatest cities, going to museums, swimming in a beautiful sea, walking through sun baked alleys, standing on a snow covered mountain and looking at lots of big, old things.


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