Number 98 – Drew Taylor

Drew is the oldest of the next generation of my family. My sister Jen had Drew almost 4 years ago and it’s been so much fun to see how our family has changed since his arrival.  Steve and mom changed from being parents to being grandparents – Jen and Kyle were all of a sudden parents – the rest of us became aunties and uncles.  We have since added 3 more little people to our family, and it continues to amaze me how our relationships and identities are able to bend and grow so gracefully.

Drew is a goof.  He is a silly little man with a snappy sense of humor.  He can have an attitude at times, but I think it’s fun to watch him try on some adult-like mannerisms and see where they take him (I’m sure his parents feel a bit differently about this).  Drew is a wonderful big brother (when he’s not trying to blame his mistakes on Logan) and quite a delightful nephew.

I often wonder what the rest of Drew’s childhood will be like – I’ve never seen someone grow up being the first of their family.  He’s the first son, first boy, first cousin, first grandchild.  It will be so interesting to see him take on the roles of protector, antagonizer, trail blazer, rule breaker…



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4 responses to “Number 98 – Drew Taylor

  1. Anonymous

    I LOVE DREW! You captured him quite well. What a journey we will have watching him grow and how lucky we are!

  2. Grandpa

    Keep on roaring, Drew!

  3. Jen

    You nailed Drew for sure! He is such an inquisitive, outgoing, curious, silly, smart and wonderful boy! He is so lucky to have all his family to keep him on is toes 🙂

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