Number 94 – Val King

During grad school I had quite a few instructors.  I took more classes than anyone else in my program (in addition to getting my Language Arts endorsement, I also got my ESL endorsement and a Cultural Competency Certificate… I think I ended up with almost twice the credits as my classmates) so I had the benefit of learning from additional talented teachers and professors.  One of my absolute favorites was Val.  While I learned a lot of things about education in most of my classes, I learned how to teach from Val.  She had such a wonderful classroom presence and taught us in a very organic, hands on way.  When she taught about a method, she actually used the method.  This was a great strategy because we got to see how these ideas worked as students.  This makes it so much easier to translate these ideas now, as teachers.

While Val was an incredible teacher, she was also a very lovely person. I would love to have the chance to work for her someday as she is also a principal in Springfield.  I’m sure she runs a successful, respectful and fun school.


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