Number 93 – Sally Yazwinski

Yes, people do ballet in the Peace Corps. Duh.


Sally was one of my Peace Corps friends.  I liked her from the first day.  She had a really cute scarf (which isn’t why I like her, but it helped).  When Jesse and I were rescued from our first host family in Sumgayit Station (I will get to this in a later post), we got to go live with Sally’s cluster in beautiful Corat.  Corat was a sweet little beach town compared to The Station.

Sal is a very funny lady.  She cracked me up all the time (and cracked up at everything I said, thus making me feel very good about myself (I bet she’s laughing now if she’s reading this (are you laughing, Sally?))).

Sally and Kelsey came to visit (before the roses were blooming) last spring and it was so, so, so great to catch up with them.  Although we only lived in the same part of the world for a very short time, I know that Sal will always be a great friend who will always mean the world to me.


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