Number 88 – American Girls

Susan, Molly, Felicity, Me, Samantha, Kirsten

When I first saw a Pleasant Company catalog I was smitten.  I read that thing cover to cover and back again.  Oh. My. Gosh. I was lucky enough to be given Samantha, then Kirsten.  I also had quite a few outfits and accessories.  I was also lucky enough to have a best friend who owned Felicity and Molly.  Oh my did Susan and I have fun with our dolls!

What girl wouldn’t love these dolls?  And the books! There is a book series that goes with each dolls (I still love to read these stories).  Each dolls is set in a different time of America’s history and I could hardly tell I was learning while reading because the books were so good and the dolls were so fun!

My childhood bedroom with beds for both my dolls



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3 responses to “Number 88 – American Girls

  1. Susan

    I love so many things about these pictures:
    – Molly is wearing one of Kirsten’s outfit
    – I totally remember your bedroom, bed, and wallpaper
    – Kirsten and Samantha’s floating heads on the wall in your bedroom
    – Your Linea doll is next to Kirsten and Molly on the bed
    – Did you know that Felicity is being retired soon?
    – My hair was awesome
    – I totally remember that trip to your Grandma’s house in Portland

    Thanks for the pictures! Lots of precious memories.

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