Number 86 – Debbie Grable

This is my auntie Debbie.  She is Steve’s sister (which actually makes her my step-aunt, but who’s counting?) and she lives in a wonderful house in Spokane (although she’s also working on renovating a ‘cabin’ out in the woods on a river).  Debbie is an amazing woman who often inspires me to live a better life.

I was inspired during a visit to Spokane to start baking my own bread.  In all of 2009 I never bought a loaf of bread because I baked my own.  That was a lovely year of toast and sandwiches.  I still bake the bread, but not as often.  I have, though, started making her granola recipe for my lunches.  It’s amazing with yogurt and blueberries.

The Debbies

Debbie Grable was the original Debbie Gibson and whenever there’s a wedding or other such event, for some reason all the Debbies get together in this pose for a photo.  I do like their cute shoes and I love my auntie Debbie.


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