Number 85 – Little House on the Prairie

This was one of my very favorite TV shows when I was little.  I don’t remember reading the books, but I’m sure I did (I can picture them on the shelf at the public library).  The are a few things I remember most about the show.  I thought Alfonso’s name was really garbanzo – like the bean.  My mom worked with a man whose mother played the mother on the TV show and I was still at an age that I didn’t understand the line between actor and role and I thought this guy’s mom was Laura’s mom.  Doesn’t really make sense in hindsight – you know, different century, no sons, etc.

I used to run down the hill in my backyard with my arms out like Laura and her sisters.  I also loved to wear a skirt of my mom’s that I thought looked like a pioneer skirt.  I always loved playing pioneer.

I also remember liking Nellie, but I think it was because I just wanted her ringlets.



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4 responses to “Number 85 – Little House on the Prairie

  1. Sara

    It’s actually Almanzo …. not Alfonzo or Garbanzo. 🙂 Great series, both the book and the TV. Did you know that the Eugene library has the entire TV series? Hours of viewing fun!

  2. Hi!
    We have never met, but I have to share this incredible coincidence with you. (I promise it’s not as creepy as it sounds).

    I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Salyan, Azerbaijan from 2009-2011. Before I left the US govt was trying to start an initiative that translated famous US books into Azerbaijani. On the list of forthcoming titles was Little House on the Prairie. So tonight I googled “Little House on the Praire in Azerbaijani” to see if it was out yet.

    My google search led me here because Post 84 was about Azerbaijan and Post 85 was about Little House on the Praire. And in short order I discovered you are an Aerbaijan RPCV too. Small world!

    I am still trying to figure out if LHotP has been published in Azerbaijani, but I will let you know. 🙂


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