Number 80 – Nina Comiskey


Nina is (for all intents and purposes) my sister-in-law.  She is my brother Dan’s girlfriend, but they have been together for 5 years and have lived on three continents together, so I think she deserves a better description than just my brother’s girlfriend.

Nina and Dan in Malaysia

I think Granny summed it up when she said, “Nina doesn’t really let the grass grow under her feet.”  In the 5 years I’ve know her she has either lived (Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Portland) or travelled (SE Asia, Africa, Europe, South America) in all the continents (I don’t count Antarctica since it’s hard to get to and bad for the ecosystem to go there).  She and Dan met during culinary school and after she graduated (a year before Dan), she moved to Scotland for some time (successfully missing my wedding…).


She came back, lived in Portland and went on a trip to Argentina then to Africa and Italy (missing my sister Heather’s wedding…hmmm).  Then after a while in Portland, she and Dan decided that it was time to move away again.  The Fall after Jesse and I left for Azerbaijan, Dan and Nina moved to New Zealand.

New Zealand

After a year in New Zealand, it was time for Australia where they also spent a year (successfully missing my brother Ben’s wedding… notice a trend?).


But really, I love Nina.  She’s a wonderful addition to our family and I have really enjoyed all the time I’ve spent with her.  She’s artistic and creative.  She’s witty and smart.  She’s clever and funny.  I’m so glad that she is in my brother’s life and their love for each other is so apparent and strong.  I love that she and Dan have had so many wonderfully amazing adventures in their 5 years together.  It’s really quite astonishing.  And now, she’s back in Oregon, so she shouldn’t be able to miss anymore weddings… especially now that we’re all mostly married off…


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