Number 76 – Marc Chagall

I don’t really know why I love Chagall’s paintings.  There’s a feeling to them that is sort of indescribable.  I love the calm cool colors contrasting with the vibrant warm colors.  I am so interested in Chagall’s personal history and how is life is reflected in his art.  I love magical realism in literature and in art.  I love the confusion and inspiration of seeing his paintings.

I saw a huge Chagall exhibit at SFMOMA a few years back.  I was amazed at the skill and the stories in Chagall’s paintings.  It blew me away to be quite honest.

When I was last in Paris, I missed his famous Opera ceilings (I will rectify this gross error next summer), but I did get to see his incredible stained glass at the UN building in New York.  It’s amazing how he made glass look like paint.



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4 responses to “Number 76 – Marc Chagall

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Dude, I am 55 and didn’t know Chagall when I was 30. Hope you discover a lot more things when you get to my age. Respects.

  2. I love Chagall! He’s my favourite artist. And I love the paintings you’ve included here. It is hard to explain the lure of his paintings – for me, I think it’s their dreaminess and colour, their romance and surrealism and the whimsical world they show. He’s been described as a ‘poet-painter’ and I love how his paintings can be read almost indeed, as poems. I hope you got to see the Opera ceiling – it’s amazing!

  3. Mary

    I fell in love with Chagall when I was walking through the Chicago Art Institute and fell into the room with “American Windows”. I sat there for over half an hour looking at every single detail of all three windows. The “free falling” figure filled me with joy….I got the replica in glass. I think that is it, there is joy in his paintings. Joy in the juicy colors, joy in the weightless figures, joy oozes out of his work.

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