Number 75 – Beatriz Loper

Beatriz was one of my instructors at Pacific.  In addition to getting my Masters of Arts in Teaching and endorsements in Language Arts and Social Studies, I decided to jump in with both feet and also get my ESL endorsement and a Cultural Competency Certificate.  Most people don’t do this.  This caused problems.  I ended up taking classes that basically repeated other classes I had taken.  This angered me because it was my time and money and energy and all that.

My last class for ESL was a cultural competency class with Beatriz.  It was on Saturdays.  All day on Saturdays.  After the first class, I was so frustrated when I heard what all the projects and assignments would be.  I had literally done them all before.  Literally.  I talked to everyone at Pacific to see if I could be excused or ‘test out’ of the class.  The response was that no, I couldn’t and it wasn’t their intention for anyone to do all three endorsements at once, so they weren’t prepared for my situation.  I didn’t think this was fair because no one really mentioned that to me as I was filling out the forms (and sending in the tuition checks).  After some grumbling and decisions, I decided to just stay in the class and finish it all up.

And I am so glad that I did.  Beatriz was one of the best instructors I had, and one of the most lovely people I have met.  She is such a wonderfully caring woman.  She was warm and patient with our discussions.  It was very clear that she cared for us as students and as future teachers.  It was also clear that she cared for our future students.  In the end, I think I almost enjoyed spending my Autumn Saturdays in class with Beatriz.  She even came to our graduation ceremony in December, and seeing her there meant so much to me.


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