Number 71 – David Morgan

This is one of my very favorite photos from Azerbaijan

David, David, David.  I have to admit that I didn’t much like David when I first met him.  I actually remember the moment that I met him.  It was in Philadelphia for Peace Corps Staging.  He came up and introduced himself and I said, “I’m Carolyn.”  He said, “Nice to meet you, Cərolyn.”  Then I said, “No, it’s Carolyn.”  He said, “Well I will call you Cərolyn.”  You see, David’s from New Jersey so he said my name like Rudy’s friend Caroline on the Cosby Show.  I thought he was rude.

It took me quite a while to turn my opinion around.  It was the TEFL conference in Baku.  I met up with him and another volunteer to take the night train to Baku.  Somehow that weekend we connected and became great friends.  He even came back to Ming with me on the electric train and stayed the night with Jesse and me before heading back to his site.  I remember talking with him the entire 6 hour train ride.  It was nice because we could speak English fast enough that no one could understand us, not even Gulnaz.

One thing I love about David is his endless romanticism and faith.  He approaches everything in his life with unfaltering passion and courage.  He loves everything Russian and I know that love will take him far in his life.  His faith is inspirational and powerful.  David is a wonderful friend and I’m so glad we had the chance to become friends.

Oh my!!  David just reminded me of one of my favorite memories from Azerbaijan.  We spent a night watching a season of The Amazing Race.  The entire season on our laptop, all huddled together in our bed.  This might sound odd to non-RPCVs, but it’s perfectly natural and normal for groups of PCVs to huddle together watching TV on DVD bought at the local Hong Kong Harry’s shop in the capital.  On this particular night, we had to be somewhere in the morning so we watched it on 1.3 time so we could fit in the entire season.  I remember going crazy with nervous energy when the dramatic music came on… oh man.  Craziness.  I think I just gave away a big secret about Peace Corps – it’s not all community development.  (shhhhhhh)


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