Number 70 – The Mahabharata

I first read the Mahabharata when I was a sophomore in high school.  We read it in our Values and Beliefs class with Ms. Youngblood.  I loved this class.  We got to learn about all different religions and philosophical ideas.  It was awesome.  The Mahabharata was my favorite.  It is such an incredible epic – it was confusing and inspiring and frustrating and amazing.  It tells of the Kauravas and the Pandavas.  At this point in my life I couldn’t really tell you much about it (except some odd birthing and battle scenes and a vague sense of what happens when our lives end).  Nevertheless, it remains etched in my memory as a beautiful and inspirational history.

My favorite part is definitely the Lessons of the Lake.  Yudhisthira is at the lake and he has to answer questions from the lake.

Voice: What is quicker than the wind?
Yudhisthira:  Thought.
Voice:  What can cover the earth?
Yudhisthira:  Darkness.
Voice: Who are more numerous the living or the dead?
Yudhisthira:  The living, because the dead are no longer.
Voice:  Give me an example of space.
Yudhisthira:  My two hands as one.
Voice:  An example of grief.
Yudhisthira:  Ignorance.
Voice:  Of poison?
Yudhisthira:  Desire.
Voice:  An example of defeat?
Yudhisthira:  Victory.
Voice:  Which came first day or night?
Yudhisthira:  Day, but it was only a day ahead.
Voice:  What is the cause of the world?
Yudhisthira:  Love.
Voice:  What is your opposite?
Yudhisthira:  Myself.
Voice:  What is madness?
Yudhisthira:  The forgotten way.
Voice:  And revolt, why do men revolt?
Yudhisthira:  To find beauty either in life or in death.
Voice:  And what for each of us is inevitable?
Yudhisthira: Happiness.
Voice:  And what is the greatest wonder?
Yudhisthira:  Each day death strikes and we live as though we were immortal.  This is the greatest wonder.


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  1. Jesse

    I like that discourse. Very nice.

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