Number 69 – David Biespiel

David Biespiel taught my advanced poetry writing class at OSU (check out his very own wordpress blog).  This was one of my very favorite classes.  He was one of my very favorite professors.  It was another small writing workshop class.  I’d never really thought of myself as an especially gifted poet, but during David’s class I feel like that’s what I became.  I wrote so much poetry that term that I couldn’t have considered myself anything other than a poet.  I think the greatest thing he did for me and for my class was encourage (or was it require) us to have a public poetry reading.  He rented out the Corvallis Arts Center and we gave a real-life poetry reading.  Looking back I realize how beautifully important that really was.

David is an extremely gifted poet and a wonderfully inspiring teacher.  I was lucky to have be taught by someone like him.


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