Number 66 – Helen Moses Cannon*

* or Dream Team, Part 2

Helen is the other member of the Dream Team.  I remember seeing Helen on the first day of grad school and thinking, “I want to be friends with her!”  I knew we were kindred spirits.  We began our friendship by going for walks and to buy coffee during our breaks in classes, but our story really begins long ago.  In the 1930s, while they were both at Stanford, my great uncle Chet and her grandmother dated for a while.  Small, small world.

Helen and her husband Brian were engaged when we started grad school.  Helen decided (at my urging) not to wait until after school to get married.  I was so excited to help her pick our her dress and plan her bachelorette party with Emily.  She was such a beautiful bride and her wedding was one of the best!

Helen has been at both of our Novruz parties and even won the egg cracking game this year.  Helen has a wonderful positive energy that she always exudes.  She is one of the most supportive friends I have, always willing to listen and give good positive advice.  She loves the outdoors, dogs, water and Brian.  I’m so glad that she moved to Eugene and that we had the chance to create such a lovely friendship.


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  1. Mom

    I’m glad about that too! Plus she was a great student teacher at my school. Good Luck, Helen!

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