Number 65 – Nubar

(300 to go!)

Nubar was our first host-something-or-other.  The was the granddaughter of the matriarch of the family.  In our compound we had the grandmother, her sons and their family, her daughter and family and various other family members who came and went.  Nubar was her daughter who lived in another village’s daughter.  It’s confusing, but even more confusing in Azerbaijani, so you’re lucky I can even try to explain it to you.

Anyhow, Nubar was a cute little thing who loved Jesse.  In fact, so made me feel guilty for being married to him.  She pretty much hated me out of jealousy.  It was funny.  She was very curious about the Americans living in her house and would often wander into our room and play with out things – clothes, head lamps, tooth brushes, anything. Her grandmother often yelled at her, but she also spoiled her to no end.  She didn’t really understand why we couldn’t speak her language, but I think I learned a lot of words from her.  Mostly fruits and foods.

I wonder what she’s doing now…


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  1. Mom

    Great photos of Nubar.

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