Number 64 – Quantum Leap

Perhaps the best TV show of all time.  One of my favorites, at least.  I got really, really into Quantum Leap during 6th grade – it was on USA every night before dinner.  I loved the story, I loved how Sam changed history for the better and I loved Scott Bakula.  He might seem like an odd man for an 11 year old girl to have a crush on, but have you seen him?

I love the show so much that I’m sure I’ve seen each episode more than once.  My favorites are when he goes home or his leap crosses with his life or Al’s life or something like that.  I was such a devoted fan in middle school that when we went to Universal Studios and was offended they didn’t have people dressed like Sam.  Seriously.  I remember one night I was doing my homework and my parents were channel surfing in the next room.  I heard Sam breathing (not talking, mind you, breathing) and shouted, “You can’t watch Quantum Leap without me!!!” My parents even let me stay up to watch the series finale on a school night.  Best series finale ever.



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3 responses to “Number 64 – Quantum Leap

  1. Susan

    OMG! I totally remember you being obsessed with that show and not really understanding why. Whenever I see Scott Bakula, I always think of you. 🙂

  2. Mary Anne

    I am righ tthere with you! I used to sneak out and watch it late at night on USA after my whole family went to sleep. I even have the first couple seasons on DVD now. I also had a huge crush on Scott, even get excited when I see him in some other shows. I was so excited to get this blog e-mail!!

  3. I can’t watch this show without thinking of Dean Stockwell’s creepy role in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. It actually makes the show better, in a weird way.

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