Number 60 – Pierre-Auguste Renoir

When I was little I had this art game that had a bunch of postcards of different works of art.  This was one of my favorites.  I remember looking at the woman’s expression and wondering what she’s thinking.  It always fascinated me – still does, in fact.  I still can’t tell what she’s thinking.

I have always loved the soft focus and pale-yet-vibrant colors that Renoir used in his paintings.  There is a sense of motion and depth in his subjects, whether they are people, landscapes or still-lifes.  I love impressionist painters and Renoir is one of my absolute favorites.


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One response to “Number 60 – Pierre-Auguste Renoir

  1. Mom

    As you know, the painting of the Girl in the Watering Can hung in my room growing up. Helen and I would lay on the bed and imagine what other things were along the path. Love it.

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