Number 58 – Christine Pettingill

Christine was my first mentor teacher during grad school.  She is a literature teacher at Eugene International High School (my alma mater).  I was so lucky to be able to work with Christine.  She has the best classroom management and relationship with her students.  Her philosophy is to treat everyone as the lovely human beings that they are.  I learned so much from her – so much that isn’t available in text books or articles.  Whenever I used ‘eduspeak’ to ask her what her motivations were, she would just say, ‘I’m just treating them like human beings.’ There really isn’t better advice than that – for teaching and for life.

I was able to teach two sections of her 9th grade global literature class for about 4 weeks.  The timing worked out so I got to teach the unit on the Holocaust and Night by Elie Wiesel.  Christine was always very supportive of my ideas and knew just when to suggest additions or modifications.  She was incredibly positive and motivating.  I learned to be a better teacher – and a better human being – by having the wonderful opportunity to work with Christine.


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