Number 55 – The Thorn Birds

This is my favorite literary guilty pleasure.  I think I’ve read it at least a half dozen times.  It’s a great summer book and a great winter mini-series.  It is the unlikely love story of Father Ralph Dd Bricassarte, a Catholic priest who is sent to a small town surrounded by sheep stations in Australia, and young Meggie Cleary.  Father Ralph quickly becomes entangled with the Cleary family who live on Drogheda.  This is an epic story that spans three generations of Cleary women – all trying to find their path and their love.  It’s very dramatic.

I think I was in middle school when I saw the mini-series for the first time.  I remember sitting in our green rocking chair watching the show during one summer break.  I was enthralled.  I have always wanted to go visit the Australian outback and all the other Australian locales that are in the book.  Oh, to walk where Meggie walked…

I know it’s silly.


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