Number 50 – Books

I. Love. Books.  I have always loved reading.  I think this is what happens when your mother is a librarian… I remember going to bed with a stack of books every night when I was a kid.  I loved looking at the pictures, remembering the stories, turning the pages…  Reading a book is a very beautiful thing (which is why I don’t think I could ever get a Kindle or something like that…).  I love the feeling of turning the pages, the smell of books, the way the print looks on the pages, the texture of the pages.

I have a very specific system for how I store and display books.  The above photo (I love the built in bookcases!  These basically sold the house for me…) is of a few different kinds of books.  In the top left are old books and smell divine and have wonderful cloth covers.  Beneath them are all my Azerbaijani books and magazines.  Some favorites are the monster Azeri-English dictionary, the 6th and 10th form English text books – seriously funny and scary lessons in those books!  Under the Azer-shelf are my absolute favorite books of all time… more on those later.  Then we have too many scrapbooks for one shelf… still don’t know where those are going.  On the top right are spiritual books – the Bible, Dali Lama, Book of Common Prayer, Bhagavad Gita, and I need to get a Koran and Torah sometime…  Under the “shrine” is Harry Potter.  Gotta love it.  Then on the bottom within reach for small hands are some children’s books.

These are my favorite books.  I’m sure I’m missing some here, but for the most part here they are.   You can see that my tastes vary from Tom Robbins to Lois Lowry to Jonathan Safran Foer and Nicole Kraus.  From plays to young adult novels.  From civil rights to World War Two.  You might even notice a well-worn-falling-apart-often-read copy of The Thorn Birds (a guilty please that is often read in the summertime).  I love these books and read them over and over and over and loan them out and give them away and buy new copies again and again.  Love.

On another wall in my living room I keep some of the others.  The top shelf are books I love, but not enough to be on my favorite shelf.   These books are all organized by topic or some other system that probably only makes sense to me.  Old English text books and anthologies anchor everything on the bottom.

My mom brought home a stack of middle school books for me to read this summer, so I am off to read now…  I’m just starting Cybele’s Secret by Juliet Marillier which takes place in Istanbul, so I’m already really into it…



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2 responses to “Number 50 – Books

  1. Mom

    I just KNEW you would like Cybele’s Secret!

  2. The problem with books are, that there are far too many of them to get through in one lifetime!
    Plus when the family begins to extend, there isn’t as much reading time as before!

    Regarding The Kindle, it hasn’t impressed me enough to get one anyway. I hoped the day would never come when books would be superceded by technology, but sadly it has.

    Best wishes,


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