Number 53 – Hub Nights

Activities at a Sumqayıt Hub Day

The Hub Night tradition in Mingəçevir (that I think is still alive and well!) came out of the random Hub Days during Pre-Service Training.  Every so often all the volunteers got together for all day training and bonding.  There were 55 Trainees in our group and for the first 3 months, we lived in small communities around Sumqayıt and only got everyone together for these Hub Days.

On our way to Mike's for a Hub Night

When we got to our site, Mingəçevir, we wanted to keep up the Hub tradition.  We had the most wonderful site mates in Azerbaijan, so it was a lot of fun to meet up once a week or so for dinner.  It was great to have the support from other volunteers, get ideas from them and most of all, eat wonderfully (almost) American food.

Nate playing with Mike's computer at a Hub Night

For the first few months, Mike was the only volunteer in Mingəçevir with his own place, so most Hub Nights happened at his apartment.  After a while, we all moved out to our own houses and apartments, so we rotated it a bit.

Another common Hub Night activity... crowding around a computer to watch a movie or YouTube

I miss getting together with Nate, Mike, Cindy, Kate, Mariko and whoever else happened to be in Ming at the time.  They were great nights with great friends!

Trying to fix laptops with head lamps and vodka... always a good idea...


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One response to “Number 53 – Hub Nights

  1. Mariko

    Oh Carolyn! I’ve been missing you and Jesse a lot lately so I went back to this awesome blog and came across this entry, and missed you guys even more. West coast some year soon, dudes. I’m looking forward to some future hub night again!

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