Day 48 (well… post 48 anyway) – Audra McDonald

Audra McDonald has one of my favorite voices in the whole universe.  She’s amazing.  She has a wonderful level of emotion in her performance.  I have been lucky enough to have seen Audra perform live twice.  The first time was when mom and I went to New York when I was 17.  We saw her in her Tony award winning role of Sarah in Ragtime.  She blew me away.

The second time was in 2005 when she was on tour.  She came to Eugene, so mom and I went to see her again.  She was so wonderful and entertaining.  That night I discovered that she not only could sing beautifully, but she was also a good story teller.  She told great stories between her songs.  I was even lucky enough to meet her and have an actual conversation with her.  After the performance she had a question and answer session.  I took a photo with her (on one of my old phones) and got to talk a little about how I had seen her in Ragtime.  She was really a lovely person.

Here’s a video of her singing one of my favorite’s… It begins with some words about marriage equality that make me love her even more (the video is from a Marriage Equality Rally in NY)


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