Day 47 – Ayten Abbasova

The Sumgayit Station cluster in Baku

Ayten was my Language and Cultural Facilitator (LCF) during Pre-Service Training (PST) for Peace Corps (PC).  She was a lovely woman who had the difficult task of teaching me and my 4 cluster-mates about the Azerbaijani language and customs.  Now, I must explain that PST is the most difficult time of PC service.  We met every morning at the school and spent 4 hours learning (it was often always above 95 degrees before 9am) about the language and culture.  Then we went on to a neighboring village (2 buses, 45 minutes later) to learn about our job – Teaching English as a Foreign Lanugage (TEFL) for four hours (then the buses back…).  We were doing all this while dealing with the initial culture shock and apprehension of being able to actually be Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs).  PST was hard. Ayten handled it beautifully.

At Swearing In

She was so patient with us during all our ups and downs.  I have to admit that I was probably not the easiest student.  I had a difficult time during PST.  Ayten was a lovely LCF who kept me motivated and focused.  My whole cluster made it through PST and out to site.  One of my cluster-mates even gave a speech in Azerbaijani at our swearing in ceremony.  Since my time in PC, Ayten has moved up the ranks in PC and still works for them during PST.  I am so happy that new Peace Corps Trainees (PCTs) get the benefit of her outstanding teaching.

Ayten and other LCFs at our Swearing In party


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  1. Asfand Khan

    My name is asfand,I am from pakistan,i want to learn in azeri, kindly inform me if there is any language course, i will be in baku in one week Inshallah…Thanks my email:

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