Day 45 – Dave Matthews Band

I don’t know if there’s really a band that’s influenced me more than Dave Matthews Band.  It was the first band I really became obsessed with.  During high school I would drive around in my little white Ford Escort playing cassette tapes of DMB songs that my friends I would make and pass around.  I have so many great memories of driving around Eugene with the windows down and Dave blasting out of the pathetic little speakers.  Memories don’t get much better than that…

I saw DMB for the first time in 1999 with my friend Echo (turns out Jesse was at the concert that day too… we would meet about 2 years later).  I felt like such a grown-up going to a big concert of the band that I loved more than anything.  Fun times.

My obsession lasted quite a while.  I had posters during college, went to see  many, many shows.  One day, one fateful day, at the Gorge in Washington, I met Dave Matthews. Yeah, you read that right.  I’m kind of a big deal.  Not only did I meet him, but he signed my shirt.  Not only did he sign my shirt, but he also drew a man smoking a joint on said shirt.  That’s right.

If you watch the following video you will see the aforementioned white Ford Escort (and subsequently hear my friend and me scream) around the 2:49 minute mark.  You will also see various bits of my head and face in the foreground from 3:32- 3:48.

I still listen to DMB from time to time, but I’m not nearly as obsessed as I was during high school and college.  I still love the music and the memories it brings up for me.


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One response to “Day 45 – Dave Matthews Band

  1. Jen

    I have probably told you so many times, but I really have you to thank for introducing me to DMB. After listening to them in your little white car I couldn’t get enough! One of my first memories of Kyle was that I was so excited he had a bunch of their CDs and I borrowed them.
    I told so many people that Dave was going to marry you…. 🙂

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