Day 39 – Gulnaz

Gulnaz is one of my Azeri friends.  She was one of my Azeri counterpart teacher – we co-taught English to students at School 13.  Gulnaz was so motivated to speak English and learn new teaching strategies that it was often overwhelming for me.  She was very involved with her students and worked very hard to give them opportunities to work with Americans.  It was because of Gulnaz that School 13 gets Peace Corps volunteers; she is unyielding in the application process for volunteer placements.  She was also really involved in the local branch of the Azerbaijani English Teachers Association.

It was really nice to have Gulnaz when I first got to Mingechevir.  She showed me around town and introduced me to people in markets and internet clubs.  She helped me navigate my way through registering with the KGB (or the new Azeri version of the KGB anyway) and getting permission from the school direktor to use rooms for my clubs.

Gulnaz (in orange) and some of our students


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