Day 34 – Jumping In Puddles

I don’t have any photos of this… bummer.  I love jumping in puddles.  I’m sure I did it as a child, but my fondest memory of jumping in puddles is from college at OSU.  It was an autumn day.  Jesse and I had been dating for just a couple months.  Our friend Rayne was visiting us.  The three of us ran all around campus barefoot, running, jumping and splashing in the puddles.  What bliss!

Last night Jesse and I went on our nightly neighborhood walk in a torrential downpour.  We were soaked before we had reached our mailbox.  On our way home, we passed a flooded sewer drain that was just too perfect to pass up.  Jesse beat me to it, but we were both jumping in the deep, cold puddles with youthful abandon.

Jumping in puddles is one of those activities that can keep you young.  It feels so irresponsible it’s delicious.  I hope I never outgrow the urge to dance and play in the rain!


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