Day 33 – Colleen Pakkianathan

Colleen and Stephen

Colleen is my step-cousin – my step-dad’s sister’s daughter.  I am writing about Colleen today because she became a mama today!  She welcomed her first baby – a little girl named Emma Claire – this morning! I am so happy for Colleen and her little family.

Colleen and Emma at 36 4/7 weeks... yesterday!

I have always really liked Colleen.  One of my first memories of her was playing on the swings at an elementary school here in Eugene.  Sounds like we’ve known each other for a long time, right?  Well, we were 18 at the time… never too old to swing!  Colleen is a very sweet person – one of those who is always smiling.

The Debbies and Colleen (aka Colleen's mom, my mom, Colleen)

Colleen and her husband are both doctors – she is an anesthesiologist, he an OB/GYN (which I’m sure came in handy during the pregnancy!).  They live in California, but I hope they move up to Portland (with the rest of her siblings!) soon.



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3 responses to “Day 33 – Colleen Pakkianathan

  1. Aw, my favorite entry yet! But maybe I’m biased? 🙂 I’m loving reading along . . .


  2. Debbie (Mom)

    I agree with the other step-cousin. What a happy day for our family…

  3. colleen

    aww…so sweet! and emma girl & i love carolyn, too! one day (when we move to portland), you & i can take emma to the park to swing!

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