Day 32 – The Little Colonel

Lloyd Sherman is the title character in The Little Colonel series by Annie Fellows Johnston.  These are really, really old books.  When I was little my mom started reading them to me.  She had read them as a little girl, and so had her mother.  The Little Colonel is a little girl who lives in ‘Lloydsboro,’ Kentucky.  She has many adventures, but is an intelligent, well-mannered young lady with good southern values.

When I was little, we didn’t have the complete set of books.  Whenever we went into a used bookstore, we would look for the books we were missing.  I often got one as a gift for Christmas or my birthday.  It was always so exciting to get one of the missing Little Colonel books.

I’ve never actually read the entire series, but I am in the process of attempting again.  Right now I am re-reading The Little Colonel at Boarding School and Lloyd and her friends continue to get into well-behaved-mischief!  I can’t wait to get to The Little Colonel’s Knight Comes Riding to see who Lloyd married (although Granny kind of gave that away 15 years ago when I got that one for Christmas…).


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  1. Debbie

    I won’t tell you!

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