Day 31 – Ben Folds

I love Ben Folds.  I loved Ben Folds Five, but that didn’t work out, so now I just love Ben Folds.  My college roommate, Kate really got me hooked on Ben Folds with the Whatever and Ever Amen album.  We listened to that a lot.  I also listened to Songs for Silverman a lot while I was in Azerbaijan.  Ben is a really talented musician and a very witty lyricist.  I got to see him live while I was in college and he put on a really good show, playing lots of instruments and singing many of my favorite songs.

So, there’s this guy on YouTube who’s doing chatroulette with a paino… I was convinced he was Ben Folds…

Then Ben Folds did this:

Now I’m not so sure, but I think both are awesome and hilarous!!



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3 responses to “Day 31 – Ben Folds

  1. Susan

    The Ben Folds show this weekend was so amazing! I definitely think that Merton is not Ben now though. Did you see Merton has another video up?

    I’m loving your blog posts – it brings back a lot of memories from growing up together. Lydia, Monet, The Little Colonel. I hope you have a post planned for ballet/tap! 🙂

  2. Heather

    Are you going to have a post for Scott Bakula?(Isn’t that the guy you had a poster of?) Just thought of that when we watched The Informant last night…..

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