Day 26 – Cindy Swanson

Cindy was my sitemate in Mingechevir during Peace Corps.  I really enjoyed Cindy.  She was always quite positive about everything, so that always helped when I was feeling a little down.  She worked in the World Vision office and always had great stories of driving to neighboring villages with her coworkers.  One story I will never forget is how the driver of the car, as he was driving, pulled out a gun and shot a duck in mid-air.  Only in Azerbaijan… or perhaps other parts of the US… I’m not exactly sure…

Cindy, Bev and Natalie

Cindy was what Peace Corps calls a ‘mature volunteer,’ but I think she always referred to herself, Bev and Natalie as the old ladies. I spent one day in the bazaar with Cindy and Bev, shopping for sparkly pants, underwear (always an interesting experience) and hair baubles.  I loved having a semi-normal girls’ day out with these ladies.  It almost felt like we were out shopping at a mall in the States… no, not really.

Cindy and our other sitemate, Mike

Every Wednesday we had a Hub Night with all the Ming sitemates.  We would go to someone’s house and eat Americanish food.  It was something I looked forward to every week.  Our sitemates were our family while we were in Azerbaijan, so it was always nice to hear what was going on in their lives.



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2 responses to “Day 26 – Cindy Swanson

  1. Debbie

    I like Cindy, too!

  2. Sabina

    I love too Cindy, she is great friend:)

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