Day 23 – Sema

Sema is one of my favorite students in Azerbaijan.  She came to my English club on the first day and I was instantly impressed with her English skills.  She quickly became my right-hand girl for my lower students’ clubs.  She was very bright, nice and really funny!

Sema helping with one of my clubs

Sema helped out with the music club we held at my school.  We learned folk songs and I taught the girls the Shim-Sham, a tap dance.  Right before I left, I started having a small movie club at my house where we would watch movies and I would bake cookies.  We only got to meet for the club a couple times, but it was really fun to have her and Tural over.

Sema and Tural

I know that Sema can do great things with her life.  She is so strong and smart.  I fiercely hope that she will get some amazing opportunities in her life and that she can achieve all of her dreams.  I wish it was easier to stay in touch with Sema, because I really want to watch her as she grows into the wonderful young woman I know she can be.


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