Day 21 – Annie Hester

There are some people who come into our lives and change them forever.  Annie is one of those people for me.  We met totally by chance – we were both place in Columbia Lodge, a co-op at OSU.  We ended up living together – with Mandy – for four years.  I don’t think I realized at the time how special it was to have the same roommates all four years of college – and how precious it was to be best friends with both of them.

The rag-tag group of Columbia Lodge

Annie is an artist – a photographer.  It was always fun to pose for Annie… we had some adventures.  🙂  Annie had many creative ideas and worked endless hours in the darkroom making them a reality.  I remember missing her a lot when she was down at the studio developing and printing.

Annie, her brothers Richard and John, her sister Moira, me and Jesse

Annie comes from a wonderful family in Oakland, California.  She is one of 13 children.  Mandy and I got to spend some breaks in Oakland during college.  I loved the time we spent with the Hesters.  It was so much fun to feel a part of such a great, huge family!

Camannie Girls

Annie and Mandy are two of the best friends I have ever had.  I love them truly and wish we could see each other more often… maybe a long weekend this summer?  I hope so!

Today is Annie’s birthday… this is fitting since she is from good Irish stock!  Happy Birthday, Annie! I love you!


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