Day Fifteen – Bob Gallagher

Bob was Jesse’s grandfather – his mom’s father.  He was such a remarkable man  in so many ways.  He was a WWII vet, an amazing father to his 13 children, a fun grandpa to Jesse and his thousand cousins (at least that’s how to seems to me!) and a loving husband for over half a century.

Dancing at our wedding

Bob had lots of hobbies and he loved to travel.  I have seen many home movies of him and his family during holidays and on road trips.  He loved photography and bird watching.  He was also very active in his church.

Bob the Photographer

Bob died the Winter before we left for Azerbaijan.  Jesse and I were lucky enough to be able to go down to California to visit him one last time before he got too sick.  I know that Jesse always cherished the time he spent with his Gallagher grandparents and it was very special to spend some time saying goodbye.


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  1. Jesse

    That’s a very good post…although I kinda feel funny having my eyes well up at work…

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