Day 3 – Kelsey Hull

Beautiful Kelsey at her Sloppy Joe Party

When I joined the Peace Corps, I never really thought about the fact that I would be making a lot of new American friends.  I anticipated making Azeri friends, but it never occurred to me that I would be traveling, studying, adjusting and living with 55 other American volunteers.  Kelsey is one of those volunteers.  Kelsey is also one of my best and favorite friends (even though I haven’t seen her in almost 2 years…).

First off, we have the same hair, so that is a natural friendship starter.  Second, she’s awesome.  Same hair + awesome = friends.  At least in my math book.

I feel like Kelsey and I went through a lot together.  There were lots of moments in Azerbaijan when I needed support and encouragement, and Kelsey was always there for that.  She was even there to see us off when we were med-evaced to DC.

We also had a lot of fun!  My fond memories of Kelsey include listening to music with the fan blowing directly on us (and Sally), Qax Girl’s Weekend with our list of all AZ5 men, cutting Kelsey’s hair on my birthday, the American birthday cake she brought (!) and many, many great conversations.

Now Kelsey is back in Iowa.  She needs to be here in Oregon.  This is a link for Kelsey.  It’s a vegan bakery here in Eugene.  See, Kels!!  This is where you belong!!!

On an Azeri bus



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  2. Anonymous

    hello this is ayan your student is azeraijan

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