Day One – Farid

Farid in our yard

It somehow seems very sweet that Farid was the first person the random number generator chose for me.

Farid was my host brother during my time in Mingəçavir, Azerbaijan as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  He was such a funny kid.  He was a 5th grader at the school where I taught, but I didn’t get a chance to teach his class.  We did walk to school together a few times – he always seemed very proud and protective of me as we walked through the bazaar.

Jesse and I would often sit in our room, listening to him sing in the courtyard and crack up to ourselves.  He was always singing – American pop songs he had heard, Azeri folk songs, Azeri and Turkish pop.  We tried to teach him English phrases (“How was school?”  “Uhhh… it. vas. good.” ) and he often helped us with our Azeri.  He was eager to pour us tea, but would call his mother in from outside to pour tea for him when he was sitting right next to the tea-pot.

He was a wonderful little boy to have as our brother.  I truly hope to see him again someday… InşAllah.

Farid and me at a toy (wedding)



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5 responses to “Day One – Farid

  1. Happy Birthday, Carolyn!!!!

  2. I like this idea! Good job, Carolyn awesome can. 🙂

  3. Zamira Abbasova


    Thats so funny. Reading your brother’s stroy I remembered my brothers. They were eager to give me a tea, but when they needed tea, they were asking mom to do so for them. That’s not a good habit. Moms are spoiling and creating so stubborn Azerbaijani men who think that woman are only for serving them:)

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